Strategic refresh of Health Research Council underway

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Ministry of Health are jointly conducting a strategic refresh of the Health Research Council (HRC).

The exercise was announced by Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce and Health Minister Jonathan Coleman this week and will look at ways the government can maximise the contribution of HRC in line with broader health and economic goals.

The strategic refresh will have particular focus on optimising the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of the HRC. It will examine:

  • The balance between health and economic priorities, the relevance of the research to broader government objectives and New Zealand’s unique demographic structure
  • The alignment between the HRC and other funding relevant to health research
  • HRC’s priority setting and funding processes
  • The governance arrangements for the HRC
  • The balance and type of research funded
  • The uptake and commercialisation of health research

Over the next month, Ministry officials will be meet with a range of stakeholders such as medical and health researchers, District Health Boards, clinicians, medical technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, Māori and Pacific stakeholders, and other funding agencies to seek feedback on the HRC. The refresh findings are expected to be reported to Ministers in June.

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