Return On Science welcomes 3 year funding from MBIE

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment has confirmed a further three years of funding to support the Return On Science national commercialisation programme.

As a result, the research and development community can expect faster commercialisation which lowers investment risk and increases returns on their innovations.

The funding provides support to enable Auckland UniServices to continue to provide open access to world-leading commercialisation expertise within the Return On Science programme to New Zealand government-funded research organisations such as the universities, Crown Research Institutes, District Health Boards, private research institutes, and research-based government agencies like the Defence Technology Agency.

Auckland UniServices Chief Executive Dr Andy Shenk says “We are very pleased to continue to be a valued partner for MBIE in the innovation and commercialisation system. Return On Science is based on Auckland UniServices’ award-winning commercialisation programme, developed over 25 years of producing significant economic returns from investment in research, and is part of the MBIE Commercialisation Partner Network along with KiwiNet and CDC Innovation.”

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