Member Benefits

  • Representing member interests to stakeholders across New Zealandmicrobiological pipette in the genetic laboratory
  • Promoting NZ bioscience across the globe
  • Bringing the community together at events throughout the year
  • Offering a host of business development resources and opportunities
  • Delivering significant savings to members


NZBIO provides a concerted front for the industry to advocate policies beneficial to New Zealand’s biotechnology sector, ensuring the industry has an effective voice in policy decisions:

  • Advocacy of tax policies that encourage innovative research-intensive business
  • Lobbying for regulations supporting innovation, particularly around:
  • HSNO
  • Medical devices
  • Health claims on natural products
  • Health claims on food
  • IP and the Trans-Pacific-Partnership
  • Lobbying for increased funding for research in biosciences, for both institutions and companies
  • Support and advise EPA applications

NZBIO also promotes the value of bioscience in the economic, social and environmental well-being of New Zealand to raise public awareness and support.


Promoting NZ bioscience is integral to much of what we do. NZBIO takes every opportunity to advance New Zealand’s reputation as a bioscience hub. We actively participate in a number of international networks and conferences to raise the profile of the New Zealand bioscience industry and our member companies.


NZBIO keeps its members up-to-date on local and international issues so they can be addressed in a timely and effective manner. We regularly update our members on relevant events, conferences, workshops and seminars as well as offering our members assistance with their own communications, including the ongoing opportunity to circulate their press releases to our membership.
The channels we use to achieve this are:

  • The NZBIO Newsletter – circulated to our members every month
  • The NZBIO Website
  • Social Media, including Twitter and LinkedIn

NZBIO undertakes strategic media and public relations activities in order to ensure the life sciences sector maintains a high profile in the eyes of media, the public and Government.


NZBIO facilitates the ongoing interconnectedness that is critical for a successful bioscience ecosystem and provides opportunities to expand your network. Members enjoy significantly discounted rates to NZBIO and affiliate industry associations’ events.

  • The Annual NZBIO Conference
  • NZBIO Satellite events at affiliated industry associations’ conferences
  • CEO breakfasts
  • Regular regional networking events
  • Organising international delegations
  • Negotiation for access to relevant services on behalf of our members
  • Your corporate profile on our members directory

Professional Development

NZBIO also promotes professional development within our membership, through themed workshops and seminars throughout the year. Topics include:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Trials and Bioactivity Testing
  • Risk management and Communication
  • Suppliers to the Bioscience Industry
  • Partnering with Asian Bioscience Companies
  •  Other topics requested by members.

Discounts and cost savings programmes

NZBIO members have a discounted rate for all NZBIO events. We are currently working on a number of additional discounted partnerships and will bring you details soon.