Lanzatech is now truly global

Here is the latest from LanzaTech, which is now describing itself as a company that is recycling greenhouse gas emissions into low carbon fuel and chemical production.

In a nutshell the company is now headquartered in Illinois and it has just been judged the North American Company of the Year in the 2014 Global Cleantech 100.
It got to that from 5995 companies being shortlisted to 327 and then to a finalist list of 100.

Over the past three years the Top North American companies have been SilverSpring Networks, OPower and Nest. All these companies are building industries. Dr Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech’s CEO, says LanzaTech too is leading the building of an ecosystem – the gas fermentation industry.

This is the fifth time LanzaTech has been successful and it was the Asia Pacific Company of the Year in a prior awards. The company now is truly global. Although it is headquartered in the US, it still is proud of its NZ roots.

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