Connect Mentorship Programme

Chiasma is a national organisation which helps University science and technology students to develop successful careers in the industry by providing them with the important skills, networks, and attitudes. In turn, these innovative, well-connected and commercially aware graduates will contribute to the growth of New Zealand’s knowledge-based economy.

Chiasma would like to invite you to take part in its Connect Mentorship Programme, which connects high calibre university students with industry professionals in the science and technology sector. This is Chiasma’s most valuable programme, and it continues to grow and improve each year.

The expected time commitment is over 20 weeks comprising one hour every fortnight,  a launch event in May, a mid-programme networking event in July, and a closing event in September. The events allow for networking with other industry mentors. Chiasma will provide a short induction workshop at the launch event about how to be an effective mentor and how to get the most out of the programme. You will be provided with suggested discussion topics and support throughout the programme.

Our goal is for you to have a positive impact on your mentee’s career path, meet the leaders of tomorrow and to gain additional leadership and management skills.

“The mentorship programme is truly rewarding, by providing the mentees with the opportunity to gain from the mentors’ experience and expertise” – Past mentor.

Chiasma welcomes all professionals regardless of position, although some science and technology background or education would be a plus! If you are interested in participating in the programme as a mentor, or know of a colleague who may be interested, please get in touch with Chiasma’s Industry Team Lead before April 6th at [email protected]