About Us

Petri dish with bacterial colonies

NZBIO’s mission is to highlight New Zealand’s achievements and capability in biotechnology to a global audience in order to accelerate industry growth and innovation. NZBIO’s unique value proposition is the one-stop access to enabling biotechnology relevant to a broad range of global partners and expats in health, agriculture, food and industrial products.  We exist to connect New Zealand’s bioscience community and promote its capability and achievements locally and globally.  NZBIO’s focus on underpinning capability complements other New Zealand organisations with sector-focused missions, notably long-standing collaborators MTANZ, the MedTech CORE, Natural Products NZ, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and Callaghan Innovation.


NZBIO catalyses innovation through a combination of advocacy and targeted networking activities. Advocacy ensures that NZBIO members have a voice to contribute to common issues and long term perspectives, for example the GMO debate and strategic areas for future capability investment. Targeted networking has grown in importance in recent years with the National Statement of Science Investment and the government’s increased investment (in particular through Callaghan Innovation and MBIE) in partnered research to enhance industry innovation. NZBIO designs its networking and conference activities to catalyse connections and collaboration between biotechnology stakeholders in industry and research, both in New Zealand and internationally, a model which has high relevance given the significant sums of funding available through MBIE and Callaghan Innovation.