What we’ve discovered

We know more about keeping our bodies healthy and helping our children start their lives well than we did 18 years ago, when Health+Medicine began. Here are some of the huge advances which have been helped along by WA researchers at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Telethon Kids Institute.

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
1. Discovery of SLIRP gene: A regulator of hormone action in breast and prostate cancer. It has since been determined that the gene also affects male fertility. Its role in colon and prostate cancer continues to be investigated.

2. mRNA to control cancer cell growth: Identification of microRNA-7, a powerful inhibitor of cancer cell growth, specifically in liver, brain, head and neck and melanoma. This has led to the establishment of a small biotech company, miReven, which continues to drive the use of microRNA-7 as a novel cancer treatment towards early phase clinical trials.

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