Those Who Ignore and Deny Climate Change, Lab-Grown Meat and All of This Week’s Green Technology News

Fighting climate change is one thing; doing so while people in power actively deny and ignore it makes the challenge nearly impossible. Just this week, Trump nominated non-scientist Sam Clovis, a climate change-denying conservative, as the USDA’s top scientist. He also has no background in agriculture, food or any type of policy making. He has said he will not prioritize climate change at the USDA, calling climate change “junk science” and “not proven.”

This obvious war on science is not new. Oil and gas lobbyists have paid scientists and blocked climate change policies for years, corrupting those who should be standing up for the planet (and the people). This anti-climate stance has trickled down to people as well. Take for instance some of the comments on last week’s green digest; one commenter linked to the financial right-wing conspiracy ZeroHedge’s article of the “climate change hoax,”’ one directed readers to a misinformation site called ClimateDepot and another referred to climate change as pseudoscience.

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