We Are One Step Closer To Large-Scale Algae-Based Biofuel

Making biofuel from algae has just got a little bit easier, as a newly engineered strain produces twice as much oil as its wild parent, according to Californian researchers.

Previous attempts to get this type of algae to make more oil crippled its growth, which isn’t an issue with this new strain. Without the growth restrictions, we are now one step closer to producing biodiesel on a large scale, say the researchers.

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Medlab cannabis studies

AUSTRALIAN-LISTED Medical life science company, Medlab Clinical Limited, has announced it has received Human Research Ethics Committee approvals by the Northern Sydney Local District, the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Royal North Shore Hospital, to begin human trials of two different patent pending cannabis-based medicines.

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Sugar-Coated Nanomaterial Boosts Bone Growth

Until now there is no gold standard for the way in which orthopedic spine surgeons stimulate new bone growth in patients. Recently, Researchers from Northwestern University have designed a bioactive nanomaterial that is very good at stimulating bone regeneration and it could become the process surgeons may favor in the future.

The new method for promoting new bone growth has been studied in an animal model of spinal fusion. The team believes that the method could translate readily to humans, where an aging but active population in the U.S. is gradually receiving this surgery to treat pain caused by trauma, disc degeneration and other back problems.

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Is China moving towards capital & technology intensive economy?

A recent research by Changjiang Securities reveals that with China’s high-tech exports significantly improving, the internal structure of the computer and communication technology is relatively maturing forward along the areas of material and life technology products such as tilt, overall level of technology content of export products. High-tech products are the direct embodiment of China’s technology intensive products, accounting for the proportion of China’s exports rose rapidly from 17 per cent in 2001 to 31 per cent in 2009, since then remained relatively stable.

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Palaszczuk Government backs school science project giving growers a taste of future farming

An innovative Sunshine Coast school is using cutting-edge agricultural technologies to give local farmers a taste of the future of Queensland farming, thanks to Palaszczuk Government Advance Queensland funding.

Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy Leeanne Enoch said Beerwah’s Glasshouse Christian College received an Advance Queensland Engaging Science Grant for its AgriTech project involving students, local fruit and vegetable growers, state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies and drones.

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MPs want STEM at the centre of education

The House of Representatives Committee inquiring into the skills the future workforce will require wants to see STEM, and lots of it, plus it backs demand driven funding.

The inquiry, commissioned by Education and Training Minister Simon Birmingham,  recommends; “mathematics be re-established as a pre-requisite for obtaining an ATAR and that universities re-establish mathematics as a pre-requisite for relevant tertiary courses with an option for special circumstance exceptions.”

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Two medicinal cannabis trials to start

Medlab Clinical Limited has received Human Research Ethics Committee approvals to begin human trials of two different cannabis-based medicines.

Developed at the medical life science company’s Sydney laboratory facility, the medicines have two different applications and will be clinically tested at different locations.

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Cancer start-up receives US$16m funding

QUE Oncology, a clinical-stage biotechnology company established by The University of Queensland and Emory University (Atlanta, USA), has received US$16 (AU$20.99) million in series A investment.

The investment from the Brandon Capital-managed Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) and Uniseed will enable the company to further develop novel cancer supportive care and anticancer therapies.

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Innovative local projects receive boost in latest funding round

FOUR innovative local science and innovation projects in the Gisborne-East Coast district are sharing grants totalling $340,000 in the 2017 Te Panaha Hihiko – Vision Matauranga Capability Fund investment round.

This is the fifth round for the fund, managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which was established to grow skills and capacity for Maori participation in science and innovation, and support outcomes that benefit New Zealand.

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