About Us

Petri dish with bacterial colonies

Our vision is for a New Zealand that has a supportive and sustainable environment which enables companies employing biotechnology to advance their commercial interests and ultimately facilitate the growth of New Zealand’s businesses in the global market.

New Zealand has a thriving and globally recognised bio economy, ranked eighth in the world in 2014. NZBIO is the leadership forum that proactively and strategically enables the development and promotion of New Zealand’s biotechnology industry.

Our goal is to lead the world in providing modern biotechnology products.  The ultimate results of these technologies reduces our environmental footprint, reduces world hunger, uses less energy, combats debilitating and rare diseases, and produces more efficient and cleaner manufacturing processes.

With our proximity to Asia and close links with biotech powerhouses such as USA, Singapore and Australia, the biotech industry is very well positioned to bring significant benefits to the New Zealand economy.

NZBIO is the sector’s leading representative and advocate, and as such acts as enabler, influencer, direction setter and the critical network hub across the broad spectrum of biotechnology disciplines.

Our mission is to maximise your opportunities to network, learn and grow.

We aim to achieve our mission through five strategic objectives:

  1. Provide members with relevant services that achieve a positive impact on their performance
  2. Develop & advocate government policy relevant to bio enterprise
  3. Promote New Zealand’s bio enterprise capability and opportunities globally
  4. Be a thought leader on bio enterprise for the national good
  5. Provide fit-for-purpose capability and resources.